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Women in the Bible

Many Muslims will find this section to be helpful when retaliating against Christians who try to attack the status of women in Islam. First, the Muslim must refute the Christian's arguments and then retaliate. It is not advised for Muslims to go and start attacking Christians on women in the Bible. We should not sink to their level. The Muslims should call the Christians to monotheism. This material should only be used for retaliation.

Many excellent articles on this topic have been written by brother Karim over here

- The Purpose of the Women’s Veil in the Quran and Bible

- The Wife’s Submission to Her Husband According to the New Testament

- The Testimony of Women in the Bible

- Deficiency of the Woman’s Mind According to the Bible

- The Unjust Law of Divorce in the New Testament: Especially for the Woman

- Can Women Teach Men? An Islamic and Biblical Point of View

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