Surah 86:7


Dr. Zohurul Hoque & Husain Nuri


86:7 coming out from between the backbone and the breastbone.

86:7 The verse seems to allude to the origin of the gonads in a manner that can was easily understood by the contemporary Arabs and by people in the following millennium. The targeted audience of the verse is clearly the people of the later time when they would have clear understanding of the origin of gonads. The Qur'ân casually disclosed a scientific marvel that remained obscure for thousands of years. The origin of the gonads is considered to be from dorsal coelomic epithelia and underlying mesenchymal cells, however this fact could not have been explained to the early audience unless more generic terms, like the words sulb (lit. backbone) and tarâ'ib (ribs), are used. The purpose however, is to directs readers' attention to embryonic and more precisely to evolutionary origin of gonads from cells of two different origins: the primordial germ cells derived from the pole cells, and the somatic cells originated from the mesodermal layer of abdominal segments. During the embryonic development the gonadal precursors and pole cells migrate until the mesodermal cells partially ensheath the arriving cells, and the cluster coalesces into the gonad.





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