Surah 84:6


Dr. Zohurul Hoque & Husain Nuri


84:6  O you man! surely you have to labor towards your Rabb laboriously, then you will meet Him.

84:6 Use of the word kadh (lit. toil, labor, striving hard) brings out certain realities in the life of most people: it is saturated with a mix of pain, labor, sorrow, anxiety, sacrifices, disappointment etc. that far outweigh occasional moments of pleasure and happiness (2:155; 29:69; 53:39). Even those who lead a thoroughly righteous life are not free from pain and toils of life, evidenced from the lives of the prophets and other pious people. The Qur'ân rightly stresses upon everybody to walk the path to Allâh with due share of pain and labor until they come to 'meet' the Judgment of Allâh.







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