Surah 7:26


Dr. Zohurul Hoque & Husain Nuri


7:26  O Children of Adam! We have certainly sent down upon you a clothing that covers your shame, and a beautifying dress.  But the clothing of reverence! - that is the best.  This is out of the Messages of Allah that they may take note of.

7:26 The mode of address 'O Children of Âdam' immediately after the passage on Âdam does not really indicate the biological children of the prophet Âdam; rather it is a mode of addressing the entire mankind, who are symbolically considered to be his children (see v. 35). The issue of clothing came up in the light of allegory of nakedness of Âdam and Eve discussed in preceding notes. The arrival of clothing is yet another significant step in the history of mankind that started from the creation of mankind, through their intellectual progress, exercise of freedom of choice, realization of sin and quest of forgiveness. Since the nakedness was basically realization of sins, it can only be covered or redressed by divine revelation, indicated by libâsa at-taqwâ (lit. clothing of reverence), which is stated to be the best way to cover the shame. Thus, men become ready to receive divine revelation that would guide them through the perilous course of life.







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