Surah 56:75


Dr. Zohurul Hoque & Husain Nuri


56:75 Nevertheless, I do take oath by the situation of the stars,

56:75 The opening word falâ is primarily used as an oath of negation, although the issue it is negating is not mentioned here. On the other hand, the renewed oath (uqsimu, lit. I swear, I take oath) following the word of negation affirms what is being emphasized in vv. 77-78. The word mawâqi' refers to the position or situation of the stars, particularly to their rising and setting positions (Qatâdah, Mujâhid, Ibn Jarîr - all quoted by Tabari, Ibn Kathîr). Other commentators suggested mawâqi' refers to break down of stars at the time of Awakening (Ibn 'Abbâs, 'Ikrimah), but this explanation seems untenable since the oath is taken in the name of an observable reality, not about something remote in future about which people had no idea. Contemporary Arabs used to take oaths taken in the name of celestial objects to affirm greatness of their vows. 





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