Surah 55:35


Dr. Zohurul Hoque & Husain Nuri


55:35 The flames of fire and sparks of brass will be sent against you both, then you two will not be helped.

55:35 The phrase flames of fire and sparks of brass appears to metonymically indicate destructive weapons of modern warfare. Men will be bewildered at the conquest of the nature and universe, but unless they open their eyes and accept the Creator of the universe, their own conquest would turn towards them as flames of fire and sparks of brass. Since both the powers would suffer from such fire and sparks, it is unclear whether these would be caused by natural disasters or inflicted by other lesser powers, but whatever may be the case, damage would be substantial necessitating large scale help, however, no help would be available. If the phrase is meant to address aviation and space explorations, hinted upon in the previous verse, the flames of fire and sparks can indicate to occasional failures of the space explorations, not to forget aviation disasters.







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