Surah 51:21


Dr. Zohurul Hoque & Husain Nuri


51:21 and in yourselves. Will you not visualize then?

51:21 Signs are not necessarily to be found in the space or in the earth, these can be found within oneself. The verse refers to the individual, who is a brilliant example of God's endless creativeness. The more one explores the intricacies of human body, the more he or she will, as they must, discover God. Human body is composed of complex nexus of chemical, chromosomal, emotional, hormonal, mechanical, mental, neural, physical, physiological, psychological, structural balance, each of which is interdependent on the other and whole is intricately regulated through precise orderliness that minutest imbalance of one variable can become disastrous and life threatening. In order to understand these, the verse speaks of visualizing them (basara), thus, elliptically indicating people would be seeing every internal organs and their function through complex surgeries, x-ray, imaging, molecular biology, scanning and computer simulations.






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