Surah 4:48


Dr. Zohurul Hoque & Husain Nuri


4:48 Surely, Allâh will not pardon that partners be set up with Him, but besides that He pardons whom He pleases. And whoever associates with Allâh, he then surely has forged a tremendous sin.

4:48 The sin of setting partners with God (shirk) is the most serious sin man can ever commit. The reason is not God is jealous about other deities, but sheer falsity in such assumption infringes the truth with which God created everything in the universe (6:73; 10:5; 15:85; 16:3; 29:44; 39:5; 45:22). To deny God is a sin, but the bigger sin is to deny God and at the same time appoint others in His place and show devotional dedication to those appointees. The act of shirk not only includes worshipping idols, but also worshipping forces of nature or other abstract things as well as ascribing divinity to human, animals, plants etc. This sin is unforgivable for those who die with belief in polytheism. However, if people from polytheistic faiths embraces Islamic monotheism, becomes worshipper of One God, their past sins will be forgiven (cf. v. 17, 18). This tenacious monotheism is the reason why Islam successfully resisted all ultimate claims whether it is capitalism, communism or other nationalism. A Muslim cannot imagine trivializing or mimicking God in other subordinate forms; therefore, God in Islam can never be gender based 'father', 'abba', or 'father of a nation'.









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