Surah 41:51


Dr. Zohurul Hoque & Husain Nuri


41:51 And when We send our favor upon man, he turns aside and withdraws himself. But when evil touches him, then lo! he is full of lengthy prayers.

41:51 Yet another peculiarity of human nature is his tendency to remain oblivious of God as long as he continues enjoying good times. During good times hardly he worshipped God and hardly ever fulfilled his religious obligations. But once he is afflicted with setback in life, either in the form of disease, fear, hunger, loss of lives, wealth or other losses, he is suddenly seen devoted to fulfilling religious obligations. Interestingly the last half of v. 50 speaks of severe chastisement for those who switch from one state to the other, since it is a move from belief to disbelief, but in this verse nothing about chastisement is stated, since, after all it is a welcome change. However, the tone of the verse is overall disapproval of such human nature that keeps him oblivious of God during good time.






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