Surah 41:33


Dr. Zohurul Hoque & Husain Nuri


41:33 And who is more excellent in speech than one who calls towards Allah and does good, and says: "Surely I am of the Muslims"

41:33 In order for Allâh to forgive the sinners and reward the doers of good, this verse reminds people to invite others into the religion through active preaching (dawah). Such dawah activity must be done through excellent speech, which requires maintaining proper decorum for a healthy civil discourse. In the post-Muhammadan period, the term Muslim is customarily used to identify those who (a) follow the religion of Islam preached and professed by Muhammad, and in acknowledgement of this fact, (b) believe he is the messenger of God. In principle, a Muslim is one who self-surrenders to One God and worships none but Him. Therefore, if people from other faith do not follow the above cardinal principle, they are not Muslim. With respect to this principle, Ibrâhîm and Jesus were both Muslim (3:52,67), as well as nature that follow nothing but the laws of One God are also symbolically Muslim.






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