Surah 34:11


Dr. Zohurul Hoque & Husain Nuri


34:11 saying: "You manufacture broad coats of mail and balance properly in the chains; and you do good. Surely I am Seer of what you do."

34:11The term sâbighât (fem. pl.) is derived from sâbigh, which applies to a thing of any kind, complete, full, and ample without any deficiency (Lane). With reference to Dâwûd's skill of iron metallurgy, sâbighât means completing or perfecting something, particularly coats of mail, which he used as weapons in battles (Hasan al-Barsi, Qatâdah, Tabari, Ibn Kathîr). The word sard denotes rings woven together, as in chains or links (Ibn 'Abbâs, Tabari, Ibn Kathîr). The mode of address from singular to plural indicates the talent and means to use the metallurgy was God given grace upon Dâwûd, therefore, he was instructed to make best use of it. However, the command to do good applies to everybody, so that upon deriving benefit from the technology people may not turn into an arrogant and tyrant nation.







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