Surah 2:222


Dr. Zohurul Hoque & Husain Nuri


2:222 And they ask you concerning the menstruation. Say: "It is harmful; so keep aloof from women during the menstruation, and do not approach them until they are clean. But when they have cleansed themselves you come to them in any manner as Allah has ordained you." Allah certainly loves the turners, and He loves the strivers to purification.

2:222 Conjugal relation with wife when she is menstruating is not only immoral but also harmful from possible medical reason.  The word adan (lit. injury, offence, illness, annoyance) can be connected either to menstruation itself or to coitus during menstruation. If the word adan is applied to menstruation, it relates to physical discomfort, illness, hurt, injury etc. but never to pollution as suggested by some commentators. Even if the menstrual blood is considered polluting, it does construe the woman or her body is polluting since there is no statement to that effect in the Qur'ân. The prohibition to approach menstruating females relates only to having coitus, it does not extend to having marital intimacy nor does it call for her temporary confinement or isolation. The suggestion of cleansing after menstruation is no different than suggestion for cleansing after call of nature or sexual intercourse, both of which are but expression of biological functions. The permission to have sexual relation after menstruation in any manner obviously means the approach must be ideally and naturally intended in nature without resorting to forceful, violent and 'unnatural' genital expression. The clause as Allâh has ordained you seems to indicate to the natural vaginal intercourse, also suggested by the metaphor of sowing or harth (q.v. next verse) and menstruation. The ideally and naturally intended sex does not allow as, when and how a man desires to fulfill his sexual desire, therefore it is not a license to approach the wife in complete disregard of her physical and emotional standing.







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