Surah 16:8


Dr. Zohurul Hoque & Husain Nuri


16:8  And horses and mules and donkeys that you may ride them and as beauty.  And He creates what you do not know.

16:8 This verse continues the theme of animals as mode of transport for human being. The clause He creates what you do not know has an allusion, not about the creation of other animals, but about new modes of mechanized transportation, thanks to the ingenuity of man. The word yakhluqu indicates a continuous process of 'creation,' originated in the past and will continue in the future. In the translation indefinite tense is used to emphasize such 'creation' did not exclusively happen in the past, but happens even today. The demand of human civilization saw in each age people invented and will invent newer modes of transportation as prophesied in the Qur'ân. The phrase you do not know points out future modes of transport would be incomprehensible to people of each respective period.







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