Surah 16:15


Dr. Zohurul Hoque & Husain Nuri


16:15  And He has cast in the earth mountains, lest it may tilt with you,  and rivers and roads that you may be guided,

16:15 The Qur'ân uses three terms: jibâl, rawâsi and awtâd meaning or implying mountains. The word rawâsi (pl. lit. mountains) is used in verses that speak of formation of the earth as a habitable place for life to originate, mainly to emphasize these geological structures acted as pegs, loads or anchors on the earth (13:3; 15:19; 21:31; 31:10; 27:61; 41:10; 50:7; 77:27). Astonishingly fourteen hundred years ago the Qur'ân hinted upon the mountains as pegs on earth when people did not have formal knowledge of the earth's crust or its formation. The theory behind the plate tectonic movement indicates separation or rift in plates caused some blocks of crust to tower over other that sink. Most of the major mountain ranges including the Himalayas, Alps, Appalachian, Rocky were created in this manner. The expression it may tilt with you can be understood when the earth's life sustaining stable lithosphere is contrasted with the inner unstable, partially molten, dense mantle.







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