Surah 15:44


Dr. Zohurul Hoque & Husain Nuri


15:44 "It has seven doors. For each door out of them is an allotted portion."

15:44 As with many world languages, classical Arabic too sometimes uses the word seven in an idiomatic sense to indicate multiple occurrences. Depending on the severity and variety of punishment, the Qur'ân uses seven different names to describe the Hell. However, it should also be remembered that hell is part of al-ghayb, or unseen that cannot be adequately perceived and described except with terms and torments commonly understood within human phraseology. It is therefore not uncommon for many commentators to describe the torments of the hell with graphic details. The seven doors therefore refer to seven different states of the Hell, many of them having one common component, nar or fire: (i) Hawiyah or the abyss, (ii) Hutamah or the crushing tragedy, (iii) Jahannam or hell, (iv) Jahim or the blazing fire, (v) Laza or the raging flame, (vi) Sa'ir or the burning fire, and (vii) Saqar or the scorching fire.








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