Surah 15:15


Dr. Zohurul Hoque & Husain Nuri


15:15 they would surely say: "Our eyes have merely been bewildered, rather we have become mesmerized people."

15:15 Based on the theme of this section, particularly with reference to the previous verse, it is implied the disbeliever will not believe in the truth of the Qur'ân even if space explorations were made possible for them. The Qur'ân was able to foresee all the possible requirements man could ever need during all the ages of his spiritual, material, scientific, economic and cultural advancement. This marvelous disclosure in this verse came to fruition when man leaped into the space, as it were to ascend through the gates of heaven. Classical commentators understood the verse suggests spiritual nourishment sent down from the heaven by revealing various secrets of it. When read in connection with the previous verse, Allâh has clearly indicated scope of air and space travel, something that was incomprehensible to the people of the 7th century. Interpretation of the verses therefore bears significant contrast with what classical thinkers propounded as spiritual gates of the heaven. Man would be allowed to solve various bewildering mysteries of the universe (55:33) to the extent that their own discoveries and accomplishment would appear spellbinding to them. Yet, by virtue of their achievement, rather than to realize the existence of God, man would still deny God.







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