Surah 12:6


Dr. Zohurul Hoque & Husain Nuri


12:6 "And likewise your Rabb will select you and teach you the explanation of the happenings, and He will complete His blessing upon you and upon the Children of Ya'qub as He completed it upon your forefathers -Ibrâhîm and Is-haq in the past." Surely your Rabb is all-Knowing, most Wise.

12:6 While interpreting the meaning of the verse, most commentators assumed it specifically referred to Yûsuf's future ability to interpret dreams (12:41,47). It is important to note, over a time Yûsuf developed expertise in understanding the inner meaning (tawil) of various events as they happen. The term ahâdîth (sing. hadîth), meaning 'tidings', 'happenings', cannot be restricted to the affairs of dream alone, rather it transverses to most of the matters of day-to-day life. The story of Yûsuf in the Qur'ân indicates he was not only able to interpret dreams, but also was able to understand and handle various complex issues in life, including the management of the state treasury in the best interest of everybody involved. 

The descendent of Ya'qûb from the lineage of Ibrâhîm and Ishâq are referred to as the Children of Ya'qûb that would be known, in course of time, as the Children of Israel (2:132).







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