Surah 100:9-11


Dr. Zohurul Hoque & Husain Nuri


100: 9 Ha! does he not know then when what is in the graves will be raised up;?
100: 10 and what is in the breasts will be made manifest?
100: 11 Verily their Rabb this Day is Aware of them

100:9-11 The climax of the first eight verses is presented here with a grim reminder of man's final journey. The term bu'thira implant a sense of violent volcanic eruption, where the 'ingredients' are overthrown suddenly and violently. At the time of Awakening, the graves would be exposed and the sleeping dead would be ejected with a striking image of scattered materials in utter helplessness. This is further intensified by the word hussila (lit. to make happen, to manifest, to occur). The reality of the vv. 9-10 reminds mankind of the inevitable destiny so carelessly neglected by them. Interestingly the two end words of vv. 9and 10 al-qubur and al-sudur have more than phonetic resonance with their parallel semantic meaning: both are places of hiding - of burial and of concealment (for more reading see: Hajjai-Jarrah).







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