Sam Shamoun: A Disgrace To Christians


Bassam Zawadi

I am writing this brief note to simply let Muslims know that not all Christians have filthy manners like Sam Shamoun. Sam Shamoun does not exhibit the character of a true Christian believer. I have to be honest and admit this, for it won't be fair to portray a wrong image of Christians based on this ill mannered man.

Visit the links below and see for your self the evidence for Shamoun's lowly character...

This shameless missionary gets too emotional when he defends his religion. When I used to use Paltalk and I released some new articles Shamoun always used to private message me and tell me that my articles are stupid and that he would destroy them. How narrow minded and childish can one be? Even one time, I spoke to him via audio on Paltalk and I asked him why he had such bad manners. He apologised to me for being rude and then told me that he was from the Middle East and that people from the Middle East have bad tempers, thus they can break down at times! What a foolish response. I am from the Middle East as well and I don't have that lowly character. (wasn't Jesus from the Middle East as well?) Perhaps Shamoun is using his false God (Biblical Jesus) as a role model and thinks that its okay to insult non Christians since the Biblical Jesus did the same thing (see Matthew 23:33 & Luke 11:40). Well, if that is the case then Shamoun should not be allowed to practice this certain aspect of his religion (assuming Christianity does make it permissible) with others since its offensive to others.

Even after the conversation in which Shamoun apologised to me, he continued to be rude and started his insulting spree all over again.

There are also many other Christian missionaries who have filthy manners such as Sam Shamoun, however I urge all Muslims to not commit the same fallacy that people these days commit against Muslims and start stereotyping. For if we do we won't ever be encouraged to have reasonable interfaith dialogues with any Christians then. So judge these Christians individually, not collectively.

The verdict that is passed on Sam Shamoun is that he is ill mannered and hates Islam with all his heart and soul and is too narrow minded to have a proper discussion with. Nevertheless, we will continue to refute Shamoun' articles here from time to time so that we won't allow him to brainwash the innocent public.

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