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Refuting the Evidence for Christianity

This section deals primarily with refuting the main arguments that Christians put forth for the Bible being the word of God and also to provide arguments that further prove that Christianity is a false religion. Excellent scholarly research has already been done on these issues; therefore, you will realize that many of the articles in this section have not been authored by me. I have selected the best articles (which I have seen so far) on the issues and linked them here. Many might object to the fact that I am posting articles from because they are an atheist website, and I also happen to be refuting some of their articles over here. However, this does not mean that we can't take the good and leave the bad. There are many excellent articles on their site against Christianity. Their articles against Islam are very few and weak in comparison. Their articles against Islam that are worth refuting have been refuted, and those articles of theirs against Christianity that are worth linking to will be linked from here.

- Refuting the Argument from Prophecy (34)

- Refuting Arguments for the Resurrection (14)

- Refuting the Argument from Archaeology (1)

- Refuting the Argument from Scientific Accuracy (1)

- Contradictions and Difficulties in the Bible (2)

- Miscellaneous Errors in the Bible (1)

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