Refuting The Argument That Hadith Is The Cause Of The Division of Muslims Today


Bassam Zawadi

This argument could easily be turned around and be used against the Quranites since they themselves are divided up. You have the Rashad Khalifa sect that believes that he was a Messenger of God and others who don't and they are both "Quran Only Muslims". You can even read a debate between two Quranites over here regarding the so called miracle 19 discovered by Rashad Khalifa. 

Quranites will argue back that it is not the Qur'ans fault for their division but the people's because they misunderstand the Qur'an. However, I would also argue the same when it comes to the hadith. We could expose the person who misquotes or misinterprets the meaning of a hadith just as we can do so to someone who misquotes or misinterprets a verse from the Qur'an.


So this argument is futile.



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