Refuting Answering Islam's Article "Muhammad And Execution On Suspicion"


Bassam Zawadi

Answering Islam's article could be accessed here 

This took place during the time of the Battle of Hawazin. 

The fact that the Prophet just ordered the killing of this man only based on suspicion is a lie. Why would the Prophet do such a thing? It has been narrated that a man told the Prophet that the individual was a spy. He must have recognized him by seeing him with the enemy tribe. Indeed after the man was killed it was discovered that the man was indeed a spy. The Prophet would not have just simply ordered the killing of this man for absolutely no reason. We were not there at the time to know exactly how the Muslims knew this man was a spy, but they knew. There is no proof to charge the Prophet with cold blooded murder of an innocent person. Answering Islam titled their article saying that Prophet Muhammad ordered the killing of the individual only based on suspicion. Yet, they provide no proof for such an assertion. 

The complete commentary of this hadith can be accessed here.



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