Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun's Article Quran Inconsistency: Did the Messengers Perform Miracles?




Bassam Zawadi



Sam Shamoun's article could be located here.


Shamoun's entire argument rests on the notion that verses 11:12, 13:7, 29:50 and 67:24-26 show that warners cannot perform miracles, while they don't indicate such a thing at all.


Those verses only show that Muhammad (peace be upon him) cannot perform miracles independently whenever he feels like it. It's not his job and duty to come and perform miracles. Rather his duty and what he is capable of is to convey the message of Islam.


To say that he was "only a warner" and to interpret the word "only" literally in a ridiculous manner would also imply that the Prophet (peace be upon him) couldn't be a father, businessman, brother, etc. It all depends where you want to cross the line. The context of those verses makes it pretty obvious what they mean:


-         The disbelievers kept demanding that the Prophet perform miracles and wonders.


-         The response was that the Prophet had no power to do such a thing independently and that it was only in God's control.


-         The only thing that the Prophet was able to do was to convey.



The above three points aren't mutually exclusive with Allah miraculously empowering the Prophet (peace be upon him) to perform miracles. The word illa imposes no contradictions between the two at all. Hence there really is no substance to Shamoun's argument.



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