Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun's Article "A Prominent Muslim Dawagandist testifies that the Quran confirms the Gospels - How the words of one of Islam's leading Taqiyyist backfire against him"


Bassam Zawadi



Sam Shamoun has written a lie regarding brother Shabir Ally.


He claims that Shabir Ally believes that the Qur'an affirms the authority of the four Gospels as fully divine. Shabir Ally replying back in email denies this charge completely:


Of course I believe, as do most Muslims, that the Quran both confirms the truth of that which was revealed in the previous scriptures and at the same time serves as a quality controller to expose the corruptions which human beings have introduced into God's Word. Sam takes the first part of this assertion, ignores the second part of that assertion, though this must by now be known to every reviewer of my debates, and builds a case on inferences he can make from the same.


Hence he proceeds by saying that this would mean that Shabir believes in the Gospels as they are, and therefore he believes in Jesus as God, and therefore he disbelieves the Quran which denies this. Since Shabir is still a Muslim he must be is lying in saying that the Quran confirms the Bible, etc.




Brother Shabir Ally did not even need to clarify his stance via email since he already made his understanding regarding the Qur'an confirming the Gospel clear in one of his online articles (see here).


Shamoun is desperate to prove his case that Islam affirms the textual integrity of the Bible, but has been constantly refuted and humiliated on this topic (see here). As a matter of fact, Jochen Katz the host of the website he writes for indirectly refuted Shamoun's attempts (see here).


Can Shamoun stop spreading lies for once in his life?






Shamoun put an appendix to his article in response to this one. He cannot get himself to admit that he was wrong. He appears to be as ignorant and arrogant as James White. He claims that Shabir Ally said that the Qur'an confirms the Gospels, while I said elsewhere that it is not the four Gospels, but the Gospel revealed to Jesus.


This doesn't change the fact that Shabir's intention is to say that the Qur'an is confirming the truth of the true Gospel revealed to Jesus that is presently found and made its way into the four Gospels.


Shabir Ally said:


The Quran claims to reaffirm that teaching which is there in the earlier historical record, namely, the Gospels themselves


When Shabir said "that teaching" his intention is that true teaching from the true Gospel that made its way into the Gospels. It is clear that this is what he meant by knowing Shabir's writings and debates, which Shamoun does very well.


Shabir states:


All of these are human attributes which the Quran affirms as clear evidence that Jesus was a prophet, he was a human servant and messenger of God


Notice that Shabir is making it clearer that the Qur'an is affirming the human attributes of Jesus found in the Gospels and nothing else. (For example, Shabir Ally believes that the Gospel of John teaches the divinity of Jesus, yet where did we see Shabir saying that the Qur'an affirms this as well?)


Again we beg Shamoun to just humble himself and stop spreading slanderous lies.   





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