Clearing up Answering Islam's Article on "The death of Ibn Sunayna"


Bassam Zawadi


Answering Islam's article could be located here

Brother Hesham has already refuted this argument...


Despite the fact that this story is mentioned in Sunan Abu Dawood, it is weak and unreliable. Concerning isnad (i.e. chain of reporters), this Hadith was narrated by servant of Zaid Ibn Thabet on authority of daughter of Muhayyisah. Servant of Zaid is Muhammad Ibn Ibi Muhammad and he is unreliable, and daughter of Muhayyisah is unknown. Concerning matn (i.e. text), it says that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) ordered to kill all Jews which is illogical even if Christian missionaries want to believe it! Because the Jews had a treaty with Muslims and there was no evidence that Muslims indulged in killing any Jew other than this Hadith. Moreover, Ibn Hesham himelf who edited the work of Ibn Ishaq suggests that the incident of Huwayyisah and Muhayyisah occurred during slaughter of Bani-Qurayzah, not after murder of Ka'b(11). Needless to say, there is no such thing as "Kill any Jew that come under your power".

(11) As-Sirat-un-Nabawiyyah, Volume 3, page 18 (Hesham Azmy, Refuting Emotionalism, Source)



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